Woodford by Charlie Bears
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Meet Woodford, designed by artist Isabelle Lee! He's a real bear of a fellow with a lot of charm and character. You can see how dynamic he is just by looking at him! Look at that fur - so striking and unique. 23.5 inch Woodford is sewn from a beautiful, soft plush in shades of cocoa-gray and pale chestnut. A crimped texture in places with a glossy sheen in others enhances Woodford's extraordinary appeal. His paw pads have been thoughtfully designed with padding and stitch work to give a sculptured look. Woodford's friendly dark eyes, shaved muzzle and hand-stitched chestnut nose come together to create an unforgettable face. For the finishing rustic touch, Woodford wears a cocoa bell on a long cord necklace of knots and wooden beads. This handsome lad will make a great addition to any collection. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Woodford by Charlie Bears

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